Papal Audience & Legacy of the Vatican Presentation


What makes this tour unique?

Experience an escorted ticket service of the Papal Audience with Pope Francis I! You’ll travel with an expert, English-speaking guide who will lead you through the crowds to secure the best possible spot. Before the Pope appears they’ll talk you through the history of the Vatican City and Christianity, leaving you well equipped to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Our service begins early to ensure you get the best space available from which to watch the audience
  • You'll have an expert, English-speaking guide to lead you inside and teach you about what the Papal Audience is and how it works
  • This service accommodates all faiths and backgrounds




Following the election of Pope Francis I demand for Papal Audience tickets has risen dramatically. Already known for his charisma and eloquence during addresses, Pope Francis I has attracted thousands of pilgrims, traveling from all of the world to see him. Unfortunately, with limited seats, not everyone can participate. Navigating through the masses of people can be overwhelming which is why we have created a service to ensure the best experience possible. We achieve this by providing headsets, a competent and informed guide, and a thorough explanation of what you will experience during the Papal Audience.

We reserve your tickets (which are free of cost), pick them up and bring them to you. We get you inside early to ensure better seats, and we stay with you until the Pope begins his address. Our informed staff takes care of all the details so that you can relax and truly enjoy this special experience!

The Papal Audience Presentation, lead by your guide, unveils the fascinating history of the Papacy and the artists that contributed to the marvel of Vatican City. You will be provided with headsets and guided to the best available space in St. Peter's Square or the Sala of Paul VI. Once settled, your guide will explain the origin of the Papacy from the first Christians through Constantine’s era and up to the current wonder of the Holy See and the recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis I.

Experience the awe and wonder which occurs at the Papal Audience as Cardinals preach in various languages reaching out to pilgrims and visitors from the far reaches of the world. Listen to Pope Francis I's weekly message as he enters the central stage. Feel free to sing with the spiritual leaders of the Church and pray with the Pope - the head of State of Vatican City. Or just relax and observe the phenomena while taking it all in. Whatever way you choose to experience the Papal Audience, rest assured that you will be fully informed by our helpful staff so this experience will be a memorable one.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs on this service. Tours will depart promptly to ensure a good spot so guests must arrive 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.


  • English speaking guide
  • Escorted visit and presentation
  • Headsets
  • Reservation service and confirmed invitation and attendance to Papal Audience*

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per child (4-14)
for kids 3 & under

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4.92 out of 285 Reviews

rating starsrating starsrating starsrating starsrating stars By L. RODRIGUEZ, 13 January 2015

I got to shake the Popes hand we were that close!

rating starsrating starsrating starsrating starsrating stars By Deb Pieniacki, 25 December 2014

This City Wonders tour was the best way to see the Papal Audience. Our guides insider knowledge of how to quickly get through the throng of people and where to sit for the best views of the Pope alone made it worth every cent. What truly made this tour great though was our guide. She was an art historian and her vast knowledge of the Pope the Vatican and its art and architecture filled in the time waiting for the Popes arrival perfectly. I highly recommend this tour to anyone thinking of attending a Papal Audience.

rating starsrating starsrating starsrating starsrating stars By Angela Schell, 11 December 2014

The tour guide was very interesting and knowledgeable!